The orchid journal RICHARDIANA

Richardiana is a French-speaking (although papers may be published in English) journal, published by the association Tropicalia.
Each article is openly accessible as pdf files at
All the articles that have been published within the year are collected together in an annual printed volume.

Editor-in-chief :
Dr. Guy R. Chiron

Scientific Committee :
Prof. Georges Barale (University of Lyon - France)
Prof. Dr. Guido J. Braem (California Academy of Science - USA)
Phillip Seaton (chairman of the OSG-Ex situ Conservation - UK)

Editorial Board :
Roger Bellone (France)
Guy R. Chiron (France)

The quarterly journal dedicated to orchids, published by Tropicalia


Devoted to the scientific study of the Orchidaceae, this journal publishes original articles on the systematic of this family, the botanical description of its members, geobotany, history of their discovery, and conservation. Bibliographic notes, bokk reviews, and news are accepted as well.


Format 15x21, one annual volume containing about 200 pages.
Articles come with botanical drawings, diagrams and other black and white illustrations; a few colour pictures are allowed.
Articles are published in French or in English, with an abstract in both languages and, should this happen, in the author's language.
A column " A lire " provides some bibliographic references of recently published books.


Please follow strictly the Instructions to the authors.


Subscription to the printed annual volume: 36 euros, for a sending in France - 39 euros, for a sending outside of France (2013 rate).
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Checklist of the botanical names published in Richardiana

Over 8,000 names of genera or infrageneric taxa have been treated in at least one of the articles published in Richardiana. An alphabetical checklist is available, with indication of the issue in which each name was published.

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