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Quarterly journal dedicated to orchids and published by Tropicalia

The quarterly journal dedicated to orchids, published by Tropicalia

Tropicalia stopped publishing Richardiana from October 2016.
The title is now published by the "Jardin botanique de Guyane"

The articles are still in open access and are available at this adress.

The articles published in Richardiana from January 2001 to September 2016 are still available and may be ordered at:

Open access Richardiana

Open access allows a wider spreading of the published papers.
Starting with volume XIII, Richardiana is openly accessible, as pdf files.

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The articles published as pdf files in "Open access Richardiana" during one year (from October to September) will be available as printed material at the end of this year.
However, Volume XVI is now out of print.

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Ouvrage : Orchidées du Brésil Ouvrage : Orchidées du Brésil Ouvrage : Orchidées du Brésil Ouvrage : Orchidées du Brésil Ouvrage : Les <i>Baptistonia</i>. Histoire naturelle et phylogénie Book : Les orchidées de Guyane française Book : Paphiopedilum Abonnement : La revue Richardiana